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Digital Is Ever-Changing. Is Your Marketing Keeping Up?

Digital marketing is a complex and highly focused set of advertising platforms. It can be tough to ensure your business is maximizing every campaign across products, services and target demographics. Whether you’re unsure your current initiatives are stacking up from your in-house marketing or your current vendor, we’ll deep dive into your account and outline places for growth and savings. 

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We Run Digital Audits Across Every Major Online Platform.

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We Saved Thousands In Wasted Spend...

Parilon’s team reduced significant wasted ad spend and optimized the entire booking funnel. They were very knowledgeable and had a very effective workflow for our tour company. Just after a quick phone call they illustrated they had a good grasp of our goals, and executed everything seamlessly.

Scott Barsby | Owner | Toby Creek Adventures
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Auditing Your Accounts Is Critical to Determining What Still Works and What Doesn't.

Digital isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it initiative. When was the last time your campaigns were checked for shortcomings?

Proper Account Structure

Ensure your account follows proper structure so you can maximize your results.

Network Utilization

Digital platforms offer multiple networks. We’ll make sure you’re bidding on the ones that work for your business.

Branded Campaigns

We’ll do detective work on your competitor’s strategy against your brand and determine if you can save on conversions or save on ad spend with brand name bidding

Keyword Density Reviews

We’re big fans of SKAGs (Single Keyword Ad Groups) but we’ll make sure your Ad Groups are overloaded with non-relevant keywords.

Location Settings

Are you paying for clicks from across the globe? We see it happen more than we’d like. We’ll make sure your campaigns are only aligned with where your customers are or where they shop.

Traffic Exclusions

Target topics that drive conversions while removing keywords, topics and audiences that aren’t relevant and raise your overall costs.

Daily Budget Balancing

Tired of overspending or underspending? We’ll show you where to trim the budget, tie up loose ends and pace your budget effectively.

Bid Strategies

Tell Google, Facebook and all major platforms that you’re willing to be flexible on price if it means driving the right customers with positive profit.

Free Ad Features

Get noticed and increase clicks and calls by maximizing free services from Google Ads, Microsoft Ads and social media networks.

Remarketing Audices

Whether it’s Display, Search or Social Ads we want you to tie a digital string to potential consumers even if they’ve just been browsing your site.

Conversion Tracking

Arguably the most important metric in your account. We’ll check your tracking metrics to ensure you’re tracking what really matters to your business and that the numbers line-up

Ad Copy & Creative

Is your ad copy relevant? Is your creative engaging? We proof for the best results and make sure your business is driving the right engagement with the data to back it up.

IP Exclusions

Are you paying for your employees or competitors clicking on your ads? Find out what’s blocked or left open.

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Find out more about saving spend and driving conversions with Parilon Digital audits.

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