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Digital marketing is the fastest and most targeted way to reach your customers. Stop paying to mass market your business – Get in front of people that actually buy from you and their friends. Our progress thrives on growth and optimization for your business.

Effective digital marketing strategy work all starts with us fully understanding your business, your products, services, and customers. We dig through your website analytics, social analytics and customer data to discover insights and trends that will help us target new customers for you.

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Google Advertising Services Across Every Single Google Network.

Google Search

Rise To The Top of Google

Google Display

Display Your Brand Around The Web

YouTube Ads

Content Is The New Leader

Google Shopping Ads

Drive More Online Purchases

Local Ads

Increase Your Local Visibility

Google Smart Ads

Strategically Use Google's AI Systems

They built our account from the ground up for success..

We worked with Parilon to overhaul our Google Ads platform for our province-wide strategies. They helped secure and manage $120,000 in Google Ad Grants for our company. Not only does their ad management help our company grow efficiently, but they also outline additional digital opportunities for quick wins.

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Google Ads Marketing Features & Applications

When it comes to driving leads, phone calls or ecommerce sales, Google arguably takes the lead for quick and efficient acquisition. With a variety of advertising options across their platforms, we build, manage and optimize Google Ads accounts focusing on Search Engine Marketing, Display Advertising, YouTube Ads, Smart Shopping and more. 

Google Search Ads

Show Up First When Customers Search For Your Products & Services

Google Search Ads ensure your business get’s placed at the top of the search results when users are looking for the exact products or services you offer. Skip the line and rise to the top with ads that resonate with the exact terms customers are searching for with ads created with conversion-based ad copy. We constantly optimize accounts to ensure your business is showing up at the right time and driving clicks that actually matter.

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Google Display Ads

Show your brand to 90% of Web Users Worldwide

With the Google Display Network, we can visually show your products and services across the web based on a user’s interests and shopping habits. We can post your ads on websites across the internet that have content related to your offering for ultimate targeting. Plus if users engage with your brand but don’t convert on the first visit, we can remarket to them for up to 90 days so your company stays in the forefront, rather than your competitors.

Google Shopping Ads

Get in front of customers shopping around for the exact products you offer.

With Google Shopping Ads, customers are able to shop for any product they’re interested in without going website to website. We’re able to seamlessly integrate your products with an automated feed that refreshes your products as they come in or go out of stock. Tying it all together is custom management that brings your products in view of shoppers at the right time while maintaining margins that turn a profit.

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YouTube Ads

Capture peoples attention while they consume related content

YouTube is the second most visited website in the world with users watching a cumulative billion hours of video every single day. We can utilize your existing video creative or edit together video content that captures the attention of shoppers in your market. Whatever your product or services, we can align it specifically with creator content that matches user intent. Whether it’s running an ad in front of tutorials, reviews, shows, even cat videos – we’ve got you covered.

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Maximize Google's services to grow your business faster with Parilon Digital

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