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Find Opportunities for Growth - Measure, Implement and Improve.

Digital marketing is loaded with amazing information, but it’s easy to get lost trying to find relevant details for your specific business to help it grow among the buzz metrics and fluff data.

That’s why every reporting and analytics platform we build is catered to your specific business, market and your management style.  Our reports show the success points and areas that need focus so you can be confident in the transparency of your metrics.

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Our Reporting Spans Nearly Every Digital Platform Out There.

Bespoke Reports

Reports built exactly for you.

Google Analytics

If it's on-site, we can track it.

All PPC Platforms

Google Ads, Microsoft & more

Landing Page Reports

Learn how users interact.

Custom CRM Reports

We can sync most CRM systems.

Crystal Clear Digital Reporting & Execution...

The Parilon Digital team took the time to rationalize their strategy for the company’s internal team and even educated them regarding the industry to ensure that the campaigns always end successfully. They helped crystalize our campaign ideas into something actionable and proven. We all appreciated the team’s turnaround and how all engagements with them were fruitful.

Mathew Janzen | Principal | Overhaul Media
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We Make Reports You'll Actually Read

Our reporting and analytics include details for tangible growth. Not just a statement of results.

Google Analytics

The bread & butter of your digital business. We curate reports on metrics that outline in-market shoppers, their behaviour, and how you can maximize your website user traffic from incoming sources

Google Ads

Find out where your Google Ads saw growth and increases as well as areas that can be improved. We utilized broad-data points to determine industry trends and fine-tuned details to maximize your platforms success.

Facebook Ad Manager

Likes are great, but sales are better. We identify what’s working, trends, points of interest and opportunities with back-end Facebook business metrics to the front-end user experience.

Other Social Media Plarforms

Looking for details on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more? We’ve got you covered with reporting that tracks users from their social advertising source to your website. Once they arrive we outline what they did, where it happened, and how to capitalize on the data.

Custom CRMs

If your business uses a custom CRM system, we can link incoming digital data to connect to your sales process. By harnessing the power of digital, you’ll be able to see where opportunities or shortcomings occur in your sales-process.

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Increase your return on digital advertising investments with Parilon Digital.

Drop us a line and find out how we can help take your business to the next level online.